Railway Station, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary



Hello and welcome to the home page of Post 24  Irish United Nations Veterans Association.






The Post was formed in 2004 and initially held its meetings at Kickham Barracks, Clonmel. In September 2011 after many months of restoration work, Post 24 IUNVA took up residence at the Station Master's House, Railway Station, Clonmel where it continues to improve and develop this very highly regarded resource.

The primary role of IUNVA is providing support, advice and counselling to members and their families who have been affected by their overseas service.

As veterans of United Nations operations world-wide we continue to support our current soldiers, Gardai and civilian personnel who serve in often dangerous and difficult circumstances and also retired personnel with UN service who have represented their country in the best possible way, sometims at the cost to their health, mental welfare, personal relationships, and for some their lives.

The Association has the approval of the Government, and is non-denominational, non-political and non-sectarian. Membership is open to all serving or ex members of the Defence Forces and Gardai who have completed qualifying service overseas with the United Nations or a United Nations mandated mission.


The principal aims & objectives are: 

    To provide an advice and counselling service for members and their families. 

    Research into problems and treatment of members who have been affected by their United Nations service. 

    To establish, maintain and encourage contact with associations similarly constituted in other countries.

    To organise social, cultural and sporting activities for members and their families. 

    To promote public awareness and understanding of the Irish role in United Nations operations. 

    To promote and protect the interests of its members. 

    To establish a scheme or schemes to benefit members and their dependents.